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Challenges in the disruptive and rapidly changing marketplace.

Business Meeting
Business Meeting

Startup Investment

We invest into startups with business models that impact the society/environment.   We believe that startup founders are the catalysts to change & innovation and its our job as investor/mentor to unlock and unleash their potentials.

Corporate Innovation

Nanyang Angelz is the thought leader in startup culture and disruptive innovation for the corporate organization through our expertise in the investment & mentoring of startups.
We empower the corporate culture change through:
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Flagship Event: Corporate Disruptor Forum
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Department of Startup Methodology


In today’s volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous (VUCA) economy, disruption to one’s career is the norm rather than exception. Inevitably, such disruption would increase not only in frequency but also in intensity. Retrenchment, redundancy and short career cycle are the new normal. 

However, this may not necessary be a death knell to one’s career. You will need to adopt an innovative approach to thrive in such uncertain and disruptive time: the startup innovation way. 

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The Team

When we first believe ...


Sam Lee


Sam Lee is a Human Resources professional and an entrepreneur. Sam is also the co-founder of GENUS, a social enterprise that supports underprivileged children in Asia to learn English.

Sam edits and publishes the “Hong Kong Society of Economists Magazine,”  and is also a member of the Departmental Advisory Committee of the Department of Linguistics and Translation, City University of Hong Kong.

Sam is an avid mobile photographer and, together with his wife Josephine started and still serving in HISCafe - a baking ministry in their church.

Ivan Yong


Ivan is an organizational psychologist, engineer, author and a startup angel investor. As an organizational psychologist, he was instrumental in strategizing and executing Fortune 500 and startup human capital strategy in the diverse cultural setting of Asia Pacific. He is also a thought leader in startup culture and disruptive innovation for corporate organization through his investment and mentoring of startups.

Ivan is also the Founding Vice President of Solidarity (Social Projects) for the European Mentoring & Coaching Council, Asia, a member of the Hong Kong Society of Economists and a published author with the book titled, “ Department of Startup : Why Every Fortune 500 Needs One” by BEP New York.

Paul Chia


After almost 20 years of astounding corporate career, Paul decided to become an Entrepreneur and Investor.  At the same time, Paul is also offering his expertise in advisory and mentoring to other startups, SMEs and MNCs both in hi-tech as well as non-tech businesses.

Paul’s desire as an Entrepreneur and Investor is to help Singapore’s startups and SMEs develop into successful Multi-National Corporations with strong mandate to benefit People, our Planet, and at the same time optimize Profit.

Department Of Startup

Department of Startup:

Why Every Fortune 500 Should Have One

Ivan Yong Wei Kit & Sam Lee


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