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Future of Work

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Startup Angel Investment

A Platform for Investors/Mentors in Startups

We invest into startups with business models that impact the society/environment.   We believe that startup founders are the catalysts to change & innovation and its our job as investor/mentor to unlock and unleash their potentials.

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Executive Briefing

Gain insights on innovation for your organisation.

The Executive Briefing is a highly customized and customer-centric dialogue on startup innovation with our corporate clients, who are decision-makers and subject matter experts.

Business Meeting

Talent Experience

Increase your employee engagement

Talent Experience System is a disruption to the classic Talent Management Cycle in Human Resources Management.  It focuses on making employee work, life, and careers better – not just automating HR and managing the employee.  

Talent Experience System looks into the following 3 areas to enhance Employee experience: -


Attracting the Right Talent with 'Startup Innovation'


Employee Engagement with 'Millennial Mentoring'


Responsible Retrenchment (CSR)

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Upcoming Event in 2020


The Team

When we first believe ...

Sam Lee

Sam Lee


Sam Lee is a Human Resources professional, an entrepreneur and, startup investor/mentor. Sam is also the co-founder of GENUS, a social enterprise that supports underprivileged children in Asia to learn English.

Sam edits and publishes the “Hong Kong Society of Economists Magazine,”  and is also a member of the Departmental Advisory Committee of the Department of Linguistics and Translation, City University of Hong Kong.  Sam is also a founding member of Innovative Business Foundation (, a non-profit organization in provision of charitable works to assist the development of young scientists and entrepreneurs in Hong Kong and China. 

Sam is an avid mobile photographer and, together with his wife Josephine started and still serving in HISCafe - a baking ministry in their church.

Ivan Yong Wei Kit

Ivan Yong


Ivan is an organizational psychologist, engineer, author and a startup angel investor. As an organizational psychologist, he was instrumental in strategizing and executing Fortune 500 and startup human capital strategy in the diverse cultural setting of Asia Pacific. He is also a thought leader in startup culture and disruptive innovation for corporate organization through his investment and mentoring of startups.

Ivan is also the Founding Vice President of Solidarity (Social Projects) for the European Mentoring & Coaching Council, Asia, a member of the Hong Kong Society of Economists and a published author with the book titled, “ Department of Startup : Why Every Fortune 500 Needs One” by BEP New York.


Rozana Halpin

Associate Partner & Coach

Rozana is an ICF certified Executive and Leadership Development coach and HRDF certified trainer with extensive experience in corporate management and a proven track record of driving change and maximising efficiency in a fast-paced, dynamic environment.  She specialise in project management, people development, delivering business process improvements, and change management. Rozana uses a multi-disciplinary approach based on rigorous, broad study and training.

Department of Startup

Department of Startup:

Why Every Fortune 500 Should Have One

(a BEP New York publication)

Ivan Yong Wei Kit & Sam Lee


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