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About Us

Nanyang Angelz (NAZ) believes in learning how to respond to volatile and complex situations and anticipating changes that will disrupt known and proven business models.   The VUCA world demands continuous learning, innovative and disruptive actions, and being agile in the face of the unpredictable business world.   The startup industry, innovative and agile, has become even more relevant and a possible answer to the disruptive business world.  At the same time, NAZ also believes that working professionals are potentially good angel investors for startups in their respective industry domains.    

Our philosophy in Angel Investment emphasizes profiling, selecting, and mentoring resilient and innovative startup founders and leaders.  Startups are all about innovation, a motivated team, and operating in highly unpredictable business environments.   Our team has learned from prior experiences working in Corporate companies, coupled with being entrepreneurs, to equip NAZ with skillsets for angel investment/education.

NAZ started in 2016, is an angel investment network primarily of Nanyang Technological University alumni in China, Hong Kong, and ASEAN.  NAZ constantly seeks to add value as an early-stage investor by providing market access via its network, mentoring the startup founders, and providing corporate-startup events/dialogues.

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