About Us

NAZ, with our private network of marketplace-investors, drew much experience in the startup arena from making impact investments ranging from education, eCommerce to the sharing-economy.  Our emphasis is primarily on the profiling, selection, and mentoring of resilient and innovative startup founders and leaders.   Startups are all about innovation, a motivated team, and operating in highly unpredictable business environments.  With a 20/20 hindsight, we knew that from our prior experiences working in Corporate companies, coupled with skills of being entrepreneurs ourselves in the talent acquisition for MNCs, equipt NAZ with disruptive skillsets for the VUCA world.

Flowing with the VUCA model requires corporate leaders to deal directly with innovative ways in talent management.   How to spot and engage new talents with an entrepreneur mindset?  How to mentor the millennial employee who is more in touch with your next generation of customers? How to have the agilities in developing solutions to the next round of disruptive events? What does it mean to be a responsible employer when the decision has to be made on retrenchment or downsizing?

NAZ believes in learning how to respond in volatile and complex situations and anticipating changes that will disrupt known and proven business models.  For the VUCA world demands continuous learning, innovative and disruptive actions, and being agile in the face of the unpredictable business world.