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Since 2016, we have profiled, analysed and mentored hundreds of startup founders.  We look for the founder's character, focusing on resilience, critical thinking and innovation.



Selected Impact Investment

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Miloc Group

MiLOC Group’s primary purpose is a relentless commitment to improve mankind’s health, well-being and lifestyle with the untapped potential available through Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM).

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A leading sustainable healthy lifestyle eCommerce community.  It is the  'ONE place' people could go to that had all the guidance & solutions they needed to live healthy in an affordable and sustainable way.

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Sharent is Singapore’s largest B2B platform for the Events industry, with a mission to transform the events industry to make it more sustainable by enabling businesses to make better and more efficient rental decisions.

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A Gift of GENUS

GENUS is a social enterprise for the less privileged children in the age group of about 4 to 10 years-old to learn English and lifeskill.