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Talent Experience

Talent Experience System is a disruption to the classic Talent Management Cycle in Human Resources Management.  It focuses on making employee work, life, and careers better – not just automating HR and managing the employee.

Nanyang Angelz Talent Experience System, based on our expertise on 'Startup Innovation', offers a new disruptive perspective on 3 key areas of Employee experience: - Recruitment, Retention, and Responsible Retrenchment.

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Spotting talent for the new economy

Target Senior & mid-level Executives

We use a system of 'Startup Pitch & Profiling' to identify potential candidates for the employer.   

The advantage of this system is its ability to surface some of the key traits essential for the new normal of constant change and disruption.   Some examples of these traits are, creativity, innovative, resilient and story-telling. 

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Millennial Mentoring

Critical Skills for Your Young Talents in the Disruptive Economy

Millennials Mentoring is designed for talents to perform in the increasingly challenging business environment.

The areas of focus are:

Corporate Innovation – how to foster innovation and creativity into the corporate culture.  Creativity and innovation are the cornerstone of resilience and agility in organizations and will be the forte needed to face the VUCA world of the future.

Millennial Leadership – understanding the values, work ethics, and motivating factors of this generation to ensure that the leadership framework is conducive and productive towards optimal performance from their workforce.

Cross-Generational Communication – facilitating shared knowledge and cultivating empathy across the different generations.

Primarily, the program aims to introduce effective and practical strategies to organizations in bringing out the best in their millennial talents while also ensuring that the integrity of the organizational skills and knowledge is not compromised. 

​Contact Us NOW to schedule a confidential call to discuss more. 

Talent Experience: Services

Responsible Retrenchment

Give Your Departing Employees an Entrepreneurial Life Skill

Nanyang Angelz, as a seasoned investor group in Asia, has particularly focused on the "human capital" side of startups that makes pivotal impacts. Our approach has made us the thought leader in innovation organizational culture and corporate innovation strategy. Seeing the economic downturn has caused a rise in redundancy and retrenchment exercises worldwide, we are here to offer an alternative solution to all our clients. 

Unique Values to our Clients:

Be a responsible employer in times of crisis will protect your employer branding

Retain knowledge and a meaningful connection with alumni-to-be within your company network 

An opportunity to re-invest in your alumni startups as business partners to drive the innovation progress of the company

Contact Us NOW to schedule a confidential call to discuss more. 

Talent Experience: Services
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